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Leading the Prop-Firm Revolution

As an online prop trader, you likely find yourself caught in an endless loop of failure. You start a new evaluation full of motivation, have a few good trades or even good trading days, but then you hit the maximum loss level. This leads to frustration, a losing streak ensues, and nothing seems to work anymore. Many traders then try their luck with the next prop firm or a bigger account. However, that's the wrong approach; at this point, you need a solid plan for risk management and trading in general. You need a plan for each trading session, you must treat trading like a business, otherwise, you'll never make it. It took me 2 years to become profitable, and I could only do it with the help of my mentor; otherwise, it would have taken me even longer. Trading is a tough business; you're daily competing against top performers, the market, and ultimately your own psychology and the accompanying bad habits.

Through years of experience and coaching hundreds of traders, I've developed a blueprint that applies to every trader and can be customized to address your specific problem areas. In the Trading Blueprint Program, you learn how to approach trading to survive as a retail trader. It's not easy, and there are no shortcuts. But there are right ways and many wrong ways, which I'll teach you with my system, so you become a profitable trader. All I need from you is your full attention and focus.

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