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The Path as a Trader at our firm
1. Training Phase

Our training phase goes for 15 days, during this phase we will identify your Edge and develop a Trading Plan.

2. Simulated Trading

Once you successfully completed the training phase, you can already start earning money in the Sim-Live account.

3. Trade Live

After 10 days in the Sim and reaching the profit target you will trade a live account and grow it without limitations.


You will be continously mentored, to continue your growth.


As a pro on our desk you will be able to trade up to $2.5 Million in funding and will join the pro group.

Desk Manager

If you are not satisfied by your own challenges anymore, you will be offered to manage your own desk and profit of of the traders you manage.

Traders at our desk
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Excellent service and quick response.
5 Stars
One of the better firms. Tradigro isn’t like other…
Anthony Rosario
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Tradigro genuinely cares about helping you to be a successful…
Aaron Doherty
50k Basic
$50,000 Trading Account
+7-Week Training
  • Profit Target $3,000
  • Contracts 5 Minis / 50 Micros
  • Maximum Loss $2,000
$1,399 50% off for next 3 members
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100k Pro
$100,000 Trading Account
+7-Week Training
  • Profit Target $6,000
  • Contracts 10 Minis / 100 Micros
  • Maximum Loss $3,000
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